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About john rocha Editorial and Stock photographerHi,

I’ve been a film and digital photographer for over 50 years and an editorial and stock photographer for more than 30.

If you want to know more about my working methods and the type of pictures I take, please read my blog, articles and reviews and subscribe to my RSS feed.

If you love photography as much as I do, I hope you’ll enjoy my site.

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I’ve made the transition from the darkroom to the lightroom in the last few years but I still experiment with film and non-camera photography.

Most of my work now involves Rights Managed and Royalty Free Stock Photography as I find that this gives me the freedom to plan my own work and take the kind of pictures I love.

I also take personal, creative photos and they are for sale too.

I still supply editorial markets and over the years I’ve featured in many publications including:    
Amateur Photographer, Antique Collector      
Bureau of Freelance Photographers, Cage & Aviary Birds      
Children’s House, Focal Press      
Gamekeeper & Countryside, Homes & Gardens      
Hospital Life, Kent Life      
Lady, Living      
Minolta Mirror, Mother & Baby      
Nursery World, On Call      
Photography, Photography Monthly      
Pictorial Knowledge, Practical Photography      
Praktica International Photography, Shooting Times & Country Magazine      
SLR Camera, What Camera Weekly      

Over the years I’ve won a few photo contests.

As a stock photographer I mainly work with Alamy and support the work and philosophy of Photographers Direct.


If you’d like to contact me, use the form below: I hate Spam and will not give your email to anyone else.


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