A Masked Mummer in Kazunlak

A Masked Mummer in Kazunlak

A Masked Mummer in Kazunlak


A Masked Mummer at the annual Rose Festival in Kazunlak, Bulgaria


Kazunluk is the centre of the important rose industry in Bulgaria.

The rose festival in Kazunluk in Bulgaria takes place every summer.

As well as the dancing and singing and processions of folk performers it marks the importance of an industry which provides the raw material to many of the worlds most famous perfume companies.

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Photo Comments:

Festivals are a popular source of stock photos and can be related to travel and toursim as well as more weighty anthropological concerns.

I’ve been to this festival for a number of years and it gets bigger every time.

It’s probably too big and crowded now.

From the photographic point of view the crowds are a problem and often the sun is harsh and high which makes exposure difficult.

added to this there’s a lot of action so it’s handheld shooting.

For this photo of a mummer I walked away from the crowds knowing the mummers would come down the hill where I waited for them.

I used my 70-300mm Canon zoom with image stabilization on.

I was looking for a sharp close up with the main figure isolated.

I achieved this through crouching a little so that I could shoot up against the sky.

New Feature: Alamy Lightboxes.

As I develop this blog I’ll try to introduce some new features.

This time I’ve included some Alamy lightboxes which you can see on the right.

I’ll change these lightboxes now and then.

Hope you find them interesting.

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