Getting your Photos on the Web – Free but not so Easy – Part 3

In a previous post I mentioned that I’m primarily a stock and editorial photographer.

But I do have some images for sale as artworks and some of these are hosted with Imagekind.

For the next few posts I’ll show an image from this collection.

And so to more ways of being on the web…

Whether it’s the economic situation or other things, I find that it’s finally caught up on me.

I find that I can’t think about blogging too much.

At the moment I actually have to look for some more business.

As I said, many agencies have crashed, and one of them, of course, was one that I was building up a good relationship with – Photoshelter.

But now I’m working with a new agency, alongside my established relationship with Alamy – I’ve decided to work with the  “Footprints” agency.

If you’re interested in seeing the pictures I’m gradually going to put on this site then you can click on their logo on this page.

Now, we’re still talking abut getting onto the web.

I became a photographer before the internet was even begun and since then there’s been a tremendous explosion of web traffic and hundreds of ways that photographers can get on the web.

So much depends on whether you just want to share your pictures with your friends or if you’re interested in the commercial or artistic possibilities.

As I think I’ve mentioned, I’ve decided to concentrate for most of my actual site needs on WordPress and I’ve got a number of reasons for this.

One is that WordPress is a blogging platform but it’s quite easy to turn it into a more conventional non blogging website – what is sometimes called a Content Management System or CMS.

This makes it very easy to constantly update material while keeping the same format and structure which can be quite difficult with a conventional website.

I do think though that’s its worthwhile to have somewhere that you can practise your website authoring skills or you HTML skills and for this reason it’s worth looking at some of the free hosts and storage sites that are available today.

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